Studio owner: T.H. Varakul Yansombut or V.Y. Tomo Hanawa
 Born in 1983 in Bangkok, T.H. Varakul Yansombut, a Japanese-Thai visual artist focused on abstract expressionism. His background is in the fashion industry. In the past his work is minimal design, now his work is expressionism art. However, he blended both styles to be his own characteristic,  telling the story of people in this age through his perspective. 

Artist Statement.
Minimal / Expressionism / Perfect Imperfect / Positive Energy / Contemporary / Simplicity / I focus on the energy source in everything, called Chakra, Chi, Mana, Ki, or whatever people call in their culture. I want to bring out those energies to people through my art. I work with brush, photography, and computer. My journey to becoming an artist is not a straight road. I worked as an environmental graphic design, textile design, and fashion brand manager then now I create art. Still, those experiences blended me to be who I'm, to be unique and versatile at the same time.

- Looking Back Exhibition Ilford Gallery Bangkok 2020. (Group)
- Sun, Sand, Salt. Fine Art Photography Exhibition Ilford Gallery Bangkok 2019. (Solo)​​​​​​​

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